James Xander

Hello psychedelic soul!

I’m the host of The James Xander Trip podcast, where I interview fascinating guests about psychedelics, spirituality, and mindset.

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My mission is 1 Billion Humans – to get 1 billion people educated about the power of plant medicine, and to host a global synchronized trip where we all do mushrooms on the same day, worldwide.

I recently launched my 30-day mind mastery course, Unlock God Mode. It’s a unique course where I share the best frameworks and tools I’ve learned for navigating reality.

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My Story

To learn more about my story, listen to these 3 podcast episodes where I dive into my journey with psychedelics and spirituality:

1:1 Guidance

If you need help with your spiritual or psychedelic journey, reach out to me to work with me 1:1.

Unlock God Mode

I recently launched my 30-day mind mastery course, Unlock God Mode.

Unlock God Mode is a unique course that leverages powerful tools and frameworks to helps you — the epic creator — unlock the ‘God Mode’ of your reality, uplevel your creation skills, upgrade your beliefs, and build a strong resilient mind.

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