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Hello shroomy soul!

I’m the host of The James Xander Trip podcast, where I interview fascinating guests about psychedelics, spirituality, and mindset.

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My mission is 1 Billion Humans – to get 1 billion people educated about the power of plant medicine, and to host a global synchronized trip where we all do mushrooms on the same day, worldwide.

Mushroom Playlist

This page is devoted to sharing the perfect music for your next shroomy trip. I’ve included my favorite mixes and music that has guided me on many psychedelic journeys.

I have playlists for both Spotify and YouTube.

Begin with this playlist:
The Mushroom Trip Playlist: Level 1 (Spotify)

It contains sacred music that will guide on a beautiful mushroom journey. Trust in the music and trust where it takes you. If you feel resistance, surrender to what’s coming up.

Continue with Level 2, 3, and 4. Each one will guide you a different journey:

These playlists have a specific order – I recommend playing the tracks from beginning to end, in order. No shuffle.

I have a very specific process for how I create these playlists, and each one has been shroomy-tested. Each time I do a new trip for myself, I will add a new playlist. So expect Level 5 soon πŸ™‚

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Tips for Music

My recommendation, especially with my Spotify playlists, is to begin playing them, then put your phone on silent and Do Not Disturb, make sure it’s plugged in and charging, and don’t look at it again until the end of the trip.

Let the music take you on a journey. Any tracks that you feel resistance to is an opportunity to surrender. I have specifically tested all my Spotify playlists with shrooms and I know you will receive an epic experience from them.

An important tip: I always try to listen to only new music on each trip. So each trip I choose a brand new set that I haven’t heard before. Something about fresh music seems to help create new connections during the trip.

This is why I have several different “Levels” on my Spotify. Start with Level 1 and continue up the levels with each trip.

Additional Music


If you use YouTube Premium or YouTube music, check out my epic mushroom playlist on YouTube. I specifically curated my favorite mixes there. Make sure you have Premium, so that you don’t get disturbed with ads.

If you’re experiencing a distressing trip and need calm, peaceful instrumental sounds, listen to this 3-hour mix or try one of the tracks from my God Frequencies Playlist.

YouTube Mix

December 26, 2023 πŸ˜‰

Tony from A&B: Deep Set 34 – I had an absolutely epic trip with this set. Wow.

July 10, 2023 πŸ˜‰

Marsh DJ Set – Live From Castello Zamittello, Malta – one of my favorite sets for a mushroom trip.

May 15, 2023 πŸ˜‰

Tony from A&B: Deep Set 12 – fantastic 4-hour set from Tony McGuinness. Guided me on a great journey.

The Anjunadeep Edition 319 with Tony McGuinness – great 2-hour mix, perfect for the afterglow

April 16, 2023 πŸ˜‰

This 4-hour mix guided me through a most incredible trip. Highly recommend!

Spotify Mix

I had absolutely amazing trips on these albums:

The Anjunadeep Edition 308 – spiritual, spicy
Spotify | YouTube

Anjunadeep 13 – spiritual, soulful
Spotify | YouTube

Anjunadeep 05 – fun, spicy
Spotify | YouTube part 1, part 2

Also recommend:

Anjunadeep 345 by James Grant – soulful, peaceful vibes
Spotify | YouTube

Anjunadeep 09 – sweet, soulful, peaceful
Spotify | YouTube part 1, part 2

1-hour mix by Marsh – spicy

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